About Matjana Preschool



Matjana Preschool is located in Ndabeni, kaPhunga, a rual area of Swaziland.  The school and most of the surrounding area does not have access to electricity or running water.


Matjana Preschool opened in 2007, with support from international donors.  The school's application to be registered with the Swazi Ministry of Education was approved on June 18th 2007 and we have since opened a bank account and elected a community committee (of preschoolers parents) to govern the school.

In 2007 19 children attended Matjana Preschool (see picture) and one local woman was employed as the preschool teacher (working with an Australian volunteer teachers). In 2008 newly purchased furniture has allowed us to increase the class size and we now have a class of 22 students and we had enough funds to pay a second local teacher.  We hope to build a new classroom at some point in the future (first we need to raise money) so that we can accept up to thirty students per year and continue employing two local women.


Matjana Preschool primarily aims to provide affordable early childhood education to children in the Ndabeni area of Kaphunga.  In addition it aims to provide employment and skills development opportunities for members of the local community.