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A one day workshop for play-based learning and other skills at Matjana Preschool

posted 29 May 2013, 04:36 by Fortunate Sihlongonyane

A one day workshop for play based learning and other skills at Matjana Preschool

Matjana Preschool is hosting a workshop for Swazi preschool teachers around Kaphunga, Swaziland. It will cover learning on play-based learning, how to teach children right and wrong without hitting them and ideas in art activities to be carried in preschool level.

This workshop will benefit the local preschool teachers and primary school teachers in the lower grades. Matjana Preschool is uniting teachers in the rural area, not that it should always be on town to host a workshop. It also uniting Swazi Preschool teachers with Australian preschool teachers who will be visiting Swaziland for a week, that is why the school is having the worshop so as to share ideas with teachers outside the country.

Here is a leaflet attached to see what will be happening on the day.