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What's cooking in the kitchen?

posted 29 May 2013, 04:32 by Fortunate Sihlongonyane   [ updated 29 May 2013, 04:33 ]

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The answer Matjana Preschool would like to give to the question "What's cooking in the kitchen?" is "porridge, beans and veges." Unfortunately that's not the case.
The preschool community worked hard to get the kitchen constructed and were expecting to receive food to serve from it from non-governmental organisations in Swaziland (e.g. UNICEF, World Food Program). When we initially enquired about the food, we were told that we were eligible, but needed to finish the kitchen before we could apply. We did that and made an application for food in May. We were told that the school had been registered and would receive food next time it was delivered. However Matjana and many other community kitchens in the country are still waiting for food. We have been told that the food is in Swaziland but cannot be delivered yet because of logistical difficulties.

To make matters worse we have recently been informed that Matjana Preschool and Neighbourhood Care Point has not even been registered. We are now trying to organise to get registered and ensure we are on the list of food recipients for the next delivery. We are determined to open the kitchen next year and ensure the children in our are guaranteed healthy meals every day.