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Workshop sessions


8:00- 10:00- Topic of the day

10:00-10:30- Morning tea

10:30- 12:30- Learning on six areas- e.g. what to do in make believe

12:30- 13:30- LUNCH

13:30- 15:30- Making teaching resources/Skyping in small groups- learn by doing- make a resource for the learning area that was the focus of the day’s discussion, each group takes fifteen minutes out to talk to Tessa over Skype about the topic of the day- they can prepare a question to discuss or have a general chat.


  1.  Abuse (recognising abuse, deciding what to do, getting help)
  2.  Positive discipline 1- dealing positively with difficult children
  3.  Engaging families in preschool
  4. Sustainable school gardens
  5. Linking with sister schools- newsletters, visits and facebook
  6. Music
  7. First aid essentials (get a nurse or someone to come and teach)
  8. Nutrition
  9. Outdoor play
  10. Development milestones for rural Swazi kids
  11. Positive discipline 2- encouraging and appreciating good behaviour
  12. Being healthy teachers- essential women’s health topics (STIs, contraception, safety at school, emotional health)