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Workshops budget

Budget (total E55410)

Infrastructure and organising costs (total E28420)

  • Lap top computer E11,000
  • Dongle E500
  • Internet time E500 X 12 = E6000
  • 20% wage for facilitator (6 hours per week at E25= E150 per week X 52 weeks) E7800
  • Transport for facilitator (E60 per week X52 weeks)  E3120

Michelle and Tessa who will support Fortunate (facilitator) to plan and conduct the workshops will work on a voluntary basis.

The laptop computer will be used by the facilitator to prepare for the sessions (and will also be used for other work at Matjana Preschool) and to use Skype to communicate with teachers in other countries during the workshops.

The facilitator’s wage will enable her to develop pre-reading material and workshop hand outs and plan each session. She will travel to town from Matjana to do some of her preparations, and will also visit the schools of workshop participants and work with them to prepare some of the workshops, in order to hand on her facilitation skills.

Preschool teacher kits (total E12550)

  • Large plastic box for storing items                                                                     E100
  • Lever arch folder for storing learning materials                                                 E25
  • Scissors                                                                                                             E20
  • Good colouring pencils                                                                                       E50
  • Glue                                                                                                                   E15
  • Black markers X3                                                                                               E50
  • Pencil case                                                                                                         E15
  • Note pad                                                                                                            E10
  • Pens                                                                                                                   E15
  • Cardboard                                                                                                          E30
  • 5 story books                                                                                                     E400*
  • 5 educational books (e.g. counting)                                                                   E300*
  • Clock                                                                                                                   E50*
  • First aid kit                                                                                                          E400*

*These items will only be included in half the kits, for teachers at schools that do not already have these resources.

Basic kits X 15 @ E340 each = E5100     Full kits X 5 @ E1490 each= E7450

Cost per workshop (total E13440)

  • Handouts (pre-reading material of approximately 10 pages and workshop handouts of approximately 10 pages per participant)                                                     E300
  • Morning tea                                                                                                  E100
  • Lunch                                                                                                            E250
  • Pay for cookers                                                                                             E70
  • Things for making own classroom learning resources (e.g. cardboard, pipe cleaners, fabric)                                                                                                                                 E200
  • Transport for some particularly needy/isolated teachers                              E200

Each workshop will cost about E1120

Prizes and awards (total E1000)

To encourage teachers to make high quality teaching resources using the skills and materials from the workshops, prizes will be awarded at the end of the year for the best book, best make believe, etc. The winners and runners up will also receive certificates of recognition.