School Committee

Matjana Preschool is a community preschool, registered with the Swaziland government's Ministry of Education. It is a non profit organisation, governed by an elected school committee comprising parents, community members, supporters and teachers, in accordance with the Matjana Preschool Constitution.


The members elected to the 2011 school committee are:

Ncobile Mbonane- Chairperson
Fortunate Sihlongonyane- Secretary
Michelle Brear- Treasurer
Philile Mbonane- General Member
Bernard Dlamini- General Member
Celiwe Mamba- General Member
Celiwe Gamedze- General Member

The committee is guided by a school constitution and other policy documents and meets regularly (at least once per term) to discuss and find solutions for issues which arise in the day to day running of the school. For example it makes decisions about school fees, enroments and fundraising.

The commitee also encourages volunteer participation from the kaPhunga community and particularly the parents of children attending the school.  For example members of the community are encourages to assist in the classroom voluntarily, fetch water from the nearby spring for the student's use and help maintain and improvie the school's infrastructure. The school committee also oversees school projects such as fundraising activities and the classroom building project.

Matjana Preschool aims to:
  • Provide for the social, emotional, physical and mental development of young children in the local area;
  • Complement home life and experience;
  • Bridge the gap between home and formal schooling; and
  • Promote the idea of preschool education in the community.

It admits children aged 3-6 years. The school committee is responsible for guiding the teachers and ensuring the school provides a good learning environment for Matjana's students.