Making a financial contribution

Matjana Preschool welcomes financial contributions from individuals and organisations. All money goes directly to the school to improve infrastructure and cover day to day operating costs, including the teachers wages. No administrative expenses are paid with your donations and the people who do fundraising for the school do so on a voluntary basis.

Do you have money burning a whole in your pocket that you could contribute to Matjana Preschool? Or do you have a fundraising idea?

You can choose for your contribution to be added to the school's operating budget, or nominate a particular item or project to which you would your contribution to be directed. Most of the donations the school receives are added to the operating budget, which enables decisions about how the money is spent to be made by the school committee. However some of our sponsors nominate specific projects. For example Gemeente School in Belgium nominated the school's building project for their (very large) contribution and Bea from Australia asked for her contribution to be used to sponsor teacher Ncobile's higher education.

Donations can be made directly to our account in Swaziland or to the Friends of Matjana Preschool account in Australia (this reduces the bank fees if you are in Australia). We hope to establish a Paypal facility in the near future.

To donate to the Swaziland account use the following details:

Bank: Standard Bank Manzini
Account name: Matjana Preschool
Account number: 0140078375401
BSB number: 66056441
Your bank may also require some or all of the following details to facilitate a transfer to Swaziland:
Beneficiary name: Matjana Community Preschool
Beneficiary physical address: Ndabeni area next to Matjana Primary School, Kaphunga Chiefdom, Shiselweni region, Swaziland
Postal address: PO Box 3713, Manzini M200, Swaziland
Standard Bank address: Cnr Nkosehlusaza and Louw Streets Manzini
To donate to the Australian account send a cheque (payee: Friends of Matjana Preschool) to PO Box 1542, Armidale, NSW 2350, or use the following details to make a direct deposit:

Bank: The Community Mutual Group
Account name: Friends of Matjana Preschool Inc
BSB: 932000
Account: 719585

If you make a donation, please email to let us know.