Fundraising ideas

Fundraising is a fun way to help Matjana Preschool. You may have fundraising ideas of your own. But if you want to help and aren't quite sure what you can do, why not try one of the following:

Raid your piggy bank: or the stash under your matress. Small or large amounts will be gratefully accepted.

Party for a good cause: invite your friends and family for a barbeque or party and sell them food or drinks, or take a collection for the school "at the door". It's a good excuse to get together with friends and a great way to help Matjana Preschool.

Pass the hat: at work, church, the pub, the street. Ask your friends (or complete strangers) to throw in their coins. You could even print copies of the school newsletter to show people how their money will benefit under privileged children and help build a school in Africa.

Tell the world: forward our web address and info to your friends and let them know that we're a good cause if they are thinking of donating to one.

Organise an event: at your church school or community organisation. You could hold a sponsored fun run, a cake stall or another activity.

When you’ve raked up as much cash as you possibly can, deposit the money to either our Swazi or Australian bank account

Please email to let us know the details of your contribution.