Community Based Fundraising

The Community Dance Extravaganza

Matjana Community Preschool receives most of its funding from external supporters. 


The funding necessary to start a preschool is not available in the largely subsistance farming community.  


The school organisors would like however to create opportunities for the Ndabeni community to be involved in raising funds for the school. 


So we've asked the community to host fundraising events.

Our first fundraising event- a dance extravaganza- was held on May 12. 


Over 100 local women turned out in traditional Swazi attire to support the school by performing Swazi dances for our visitors. 

Lots of children from Matjana Primary School also danced, some in costumes prepared especially for the day, other in traditional garments.

The first fundraiser was an incredibly enjoyable day for everyone involved.  The dancing was spectacular, the mood jovial and- of course- the food ran out.  Over R1000 was collected for the school. 

We're looking forward to the next time and hope you enjoy the photos.