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Volunteer Stories

Kate, an Australian early childhood educator spent a week teaching in the Matjana classroom and living in the school hut. She also presented a workshop about art for preschoolers at a training day hosted at Matjana. Find our more

Lisa taught and lived in kaPhunga for three months
Lisa, a Canadian photographer stayed in Kaphunga Jan-April 2009. She spent her mornings teaching at Matjana Preschool and her afternoons running a photography program for female students at Kaphunga High School. MORE

Chris and Corina spent a week teaching at the school
whilst staying at the Woza Nawe Tours campsite.
Chris, a musician and Corina, a visual artist both from the United States stayed at the Woza Nawe camp site for a week and dedicated their mornings to volunteering at the school. Both students and teachers had lots of fun learning about the clarinet, colours and Swazi dancing. MORE

The Forest-Bowen family built Matjana Preschool a set of swings
The Bowen-Forrest family dedicated part of their holiday to consructing a set of swings for the Matjana kids. Several years later the swings are still the student's favourite piece of play equipment, and the Forrest-Bowen family continue to remember their time at Matjana Preschool as one of the most rewarding times of their lives.

Michelle helped get the school started
Michelle, an Australian who has lived in Swaziland since 2006 helped start Matjana preschool in 2007 and taught at the school for over a year. She has been helping with the school's fundraising, edits the newsletter and says being involved in developing Matjana Preschool has been an incredibly rewarding experinece.

Kat and Tom Tom Broderick organised a trip for himself and fellow Irish high school teachers Kat Walsh, and Lisa and Brendan Broderick. They spent a day learning how it's done at preschool and, at the end of the day, surprised us with a big donation that allowed us to begin building our brick classroom. They were impressed with the work the community is doing at the school and the quality of the teachers, and keep promising to come back and see our new brick classroom first hand.