Chris and Corina

Chris and Corina were no strangers to community work and teaching, but doing it in rural Swaziland was quite different to working in down town Philadelphia. At Matjana Preschool they had the chance to share their music and art with kids who had never seen anything like it before. Swazis are very musical and love to dance, but they can rarely afford instruments. So seeing a clarinet for the first time was fascinating- the kids were really curious.

Chris and Corina quickly fell in love with the children as they joined in their day to day activities in the classroom and got roped into trying to learn the children's Swazi dances. They told us that "One of our best memories of our trip to Africa is the time we spent at the Matjana Preschool." They felt privileged to have the opportunity to stay in the community and experience the local culture and language first hand.