Kat and Tom

Kat and Tom arrived at Matjana Preschool after several weeks volunteering at a preschool in South Africa and were impressed with what they found. It wasn't just our brilliant teachers, but also the school's commitment to ensuring the preschool is a centre of learning, and does more than just provide a meal and a place to play for kids (although, the pics are evidence that it's also a great place to play!).

They were only able to spend a day at the preschool, however they made a donation to the school which has meant their visit will never be forgotten. Before leaving their native Ireland, they fundraised from local businesses, their church and friends and bought the money with them to contribute to good causes they found along the way. After visiting the Matjana Preschool for the day, they handed us a bank deposit slip and some cash, and it's this money (more than 10,000 rands) which allowed us to start building our brick classroom. We'd been dreaming and talking about it for a couple of years at that time, but needed that bit of money to get us started.