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Lisa Marino came to Swaziland in 2009 and volunteered to teach at Matjana preschool. She stayed in the village of kaPhunga for three months .Ncobile and Fortunate (teachers of Matjana preschool) shared their experiences with Lisa. She was nice to the kids, playing with them and participated in class work and cultural activities. All the kids got some pins from her about her country and that is what the kids would remember her with.

Apart from volunteering in the preschool, Lisa also engage her in helping the older students of kaPhunga high. She got to love the kids and was proud of what she was doing during school hours and after school. She also learnt some Siswati words as the kids would ask her to do something for them. Even the grandmothers of kaPhunga shared some stories in a day she organised for them.